Do you agree that making your own version of your favorite ice cream flavor is more gratifying than depending on store-bought options?

Indeed, having an ice cream maker at home makes it painless to formulate uniquely flavored ice cream anytime. But, the problem is not all ice cream makers found online or in local stores are created the same.

Besides the price, the most valuable considerations when buying an ice cream maker are its usability, durability, and performance.

You should check out the top 5 ice cream makers on Amazon we recommend below to help you pick the suitable option.

Top 5 Ice Cream Makers in 2023 on Amazon

1. Whynter ICM-200LS Automatic Ice Cream and Yogurt Maker with Compressor

Do you prefer an incredibly durable and high-capacity ice cream and yogurt maker? If so, the Whynter ICM-200LS is the perfect pick for your requirements.

While this product is costly, it allows you to create two quarts of frozen desserts in one operation. This machine is chart-topping in making irresistible homemade ice cream or yogurt to appease your picky taste buds.

You have no worries about melting frozen desserts because this machine features an extended cooling function, saving you from trouble. Unlike other models, pre-freezing is unnecessary in your ice cream-making process.


●Features a modern design with a sleek-touch LCD control panel

●Straightforward and convenient to operate, and no pre-freezing is required

●Equipped with a built-in audible timer and stainless steel housing

●Ideal for making ice cream, gelato, yogurt, and sorbet right in your kitchen

●Designed with an extended cooling function that keeps frozen treats from melting


●Not ideal for buyers with a limited budget

Noisy operation

Best for: Rugged use and making two quarts of your favorite frozen desserts in a single batch.

2. Cuisinart ICE-100 1.5-Quart Ice Cream and Gelato Maker

Frozen treats lovers searching for an ice cream machine with a minimalistic design will find this item a go-to.

It helps you make the ice cream-making process uncomplicated and mess-free. Surprisingly, it holds all the ingredients together, although it’s smaller in size and capacity.

In as fast as 20 minutes, you can delight in a churned frozen treat that resembles a velvety serve. Getting all the ingredients into the freezer is unnecessary to inhibit crystallization.

Unfortunately, it’s suitable only for making smaller batches of ice cream, and you need to freeze the bowl before using this machine.


●Designed with a fully automatic operation

●Produces velvety texture that resembles a fluffy serve

●Promotes a mess-free and quick ice cream-making process

●Using ice is unnecessary with a double-insulated freezer bowl

●Adding ingredients is straightforward, even for first-time users


●Smaller capacity

●Requires pre-frozen bowl before use

Best for: Buyers looking for an easy-to-use, functional, yet affordable ice cream maker alternative.

3. Cuisinart Cool Creations 2-Qt. Ice Cream Maker

If you want to give your frozen treats a perfect consistency, this ice cream machine is reliable in accomplishing that goal.

You can select the mode when making gelato, ice cream, or sorbet, as this machine can control the mixing paddle’s speed. Since it features automatic and manual mode options, you can manually adjust it or automatically set it for each option.

Its paddle helps you mix your preferred ingredients into a batch of ice cream with little to no effort. Its lightweight and compact design makes this product smooth sailing to store or transport around your kitchen.

The included recipe book is practical, helping you unleash your creativity in making your distinctive version of gelato, ice cream, or sorbet.

Meanwhile, you might find this ice cream maker’s churning sound slightly annoying as it operates loudly. It’s also not one of the most affordable options.


●Designed with automatic and manual modes

●Allows quicker processing time

●Triple setting with multiple speeds

●Ideal for quickly making sorbet, frozen yogurt, ice cream, or gelato

●Lightweight, compact, and transportable


●Churns loudly

●A bit overpriced

Best for: Creating velvety smooth ice cream.

4. Breville BCI600XL Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker

Producing fluffy and velvety ice cream makes this machine and compressor a prime choice. It’s super expensive, but it ensures adding ingredients is less complex and evenly distributed for the best results.

Whether you prefer harder sorbet or softer frozen treats, you have 12 softness levels to select from. Thanks to this machine’s pre-cool setting and internal thermometer, you won’t go wrong with the temperature.

Producing the ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, or sorbet you’re craving is ready in a few minutes with this incredible machine.


Engineered with 12 settings for unique softness levels

●Manual and automatic function with self-refrigerating compressor

●Freezing and refreezing a bowl between batches is unnecessary

●Designed with a “keep cool” function for up to 3 hours

●Features a pre-cool setting to start churning quickly


●Not suitable for small kitchen spaces

●No “slower churn setting” for making gelatos

Best for: Creating “just the right” creamy frozen treats that are not overly churned with a light buttery taste.

5. Ninja NC301 CREAMi Ice Cream Maker

What sets the Ninja NC301 CREAMi apart from other models is its capability to subtly shave and swirl ice particles into fluffier and creamier frozen desserts in a snap.

It also allows you to re-spin after processing if you like the processed frozen dessert to become more velvety. Since it’s user-friendly, it’s an excellent option for all ages.

Customizing your frozen treat’s flavor is a no-brainer regardless of the add-ins you want to include, such as fruits, nuts, sweets, or chocolates.

With its seven versatile one-touch programs, you can select the appropriate combination of pressure, speed, and time to shave through your frozen desserts entirely.


●Shaves and swirls ice particles finely, resulting in creamy frozen desserts

●Compact size with seven versatile programs for users to select from

●Manufactured with re-spin functionality and is easy to clean

●Enables a quicker and more customized frozen treat-making process

●It fits nicely on countertops for more convenient storage.


●It operates disturbingly loud.

●It’s primarily engineered with plastic components.

Best for: Being a compact and user-friendly unit that allows you to make customized frozen treats quickly.

Final Thoughts

It’s understandable how challenging it can be to pick the suitable ice cream maker that meets your budget.

Nonetheless, the price of the ice cream maker is not the only factor to consider when making the final buying decision.

The product’s usability, performance, and longevity are critical factors to assess. The top 5 products we reviewed and recommend in this post are some of the best picks for 2023.

While most of these models are expensive, they’re creditworthy regarding usability, performance, and durability.

Have you decided which of these top 5 ice cream makers in 2023 perfectly fit your requirements?

Hopefully, our post can serve as an excellent guide in helping you make the best decision.

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